Wondering how to make the world a better place? 
This is your time. Get ready to face a challenge. Be an employee of the world.
Come November 22nd, you can become a part of the Bangalore Sustainability Jam as we embark on our quest to make a BIG difference in this SMALL world.

The Bangalore Sustainability Jam will take place right in the center of the city in the beautiful premises of ThoughtWorks. In a 48 hour non-stop pressure cooker experience, people from different genres - experts to enthusiasts, architects to agronomists, business consultants to tech wizards, ideapreneurs to entrepreneurs, thinkers to makers, dreamers to doers, students, designers... (to say the least) will come together on a Friday evening to address issues as large as “Global Warming” to ones as local as your "gully governance".

Through the weekend, you'll be linked to other jammers across hundreds of cities in 6 continents working in different ways on different answers to the same challenge, sharing problems, advice, and insights. 
So, all you passionate daredevils and conservatives, come, join us at the Bangalore Sustainability Jam 2013 where creativity and fun knows no bounds.

P.S: NO.!! You DON’T have to be necessarily familiar with Sustainable approaches and design mindsets. A will to MAKE A DIFFERENCE would do.